Act 1 ~ The Creation

The angel Lucifer rebels in heaven. God’s armies prevail. Lucifer and her followers are cast out of heaven. Almost half of the heavenly angels are exiled to hell where they are transformed into demons of every description. Turn to your right, and watch, as Lucifer falls for 9 days, her beautiful form corrupted into a beast named Satan. Devastated by her defeat and the horrific surroundings of hell, Satan sinks into despair, as she hears story after story from her fallen angels.

Meanwhile to your left, God creates the heavens, the earth, the animals and finally Adam, the first man. Adam, despite finding himself in Paradise, becomes lonely and longs for a companion. That night, as Adam sleeps, God creates Eve from his rib. When Adam awakes, he leads Eve in a dance – and falls deeply in love.

Act 2 ~ The Fall

In Hell the fallen angels rally around Satan, inspiring her with hopes of revenge: “We can’t defeat God, so let’s corrupt Man.” Assuming the throne as their leader, she pronounces “it is better to reign in hell, than be a slave in heaven.” Look to your right, as a plot is hatched to corrupt God’s children in Eden: Satan shall disguise herself as a serpent, sneak into Eden, and conceal herself in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Eve is drawn to the serpent who beguiles her with a dance. The evil serpent seduces Eve, tricking her into eating forbidden fruit and disobeying God’s one and only rule. Adam is distraught, he knows Eve will die. Unwilling to live alone forever, he too bites from the Apple and joins her fate.

Revealed in their nakedness they fall into lust, whilst God, the Son of God, and Archangel Michael judge them from on high. Adam and Eve passionately fornicate, then become ashamed concealing themselves with fig leaves. Shame turns to sadness as they realise how they have betrayed God. The Son of God, both angry and sad, exiles them from Paradise, escorting them to the Gates of Eden. Adam and Eve walk out, their Paradise Lost, they shall never return.

Act 3 ~ After Eden

God is furious! He gathers Michael, and the Son of God to battle the devils that have ruined his creation. The angels and devils engage in an epic celestial battle that will seal Satan’s fate forever.

Back on earth, Adam and Eve suffer through their first winter. They are depressed that they have ruined the future of humankind. They quarrel about who is to blame for what they have lost, even considering suicide. They then realise that the best revenge on Satan is to love each other.

God takes pity on his children, and sends the Archangel Michael to visit Adam whilst Eve is sleeping. He leads Adam to a mountaintop, where he shows him many visions of the future of humankind.

Adam sees Noah’s ark, the flood and the saving of the animals. He sees Moses in Egypt as a baby in the reeds, the Pharaoh’s mistreatment of the Israelites, the parting of the red sea and the 10 commandments.

Finally Adam sees the the birth of Jesus, the son of God, his temptation in the desert, the last supper and his crucifixion where he sacrifices himself for the salvation of humankind, finally redeeming Adam and Eve’s original sin.

When Eve awakens she finds Adam standing beside her but they are both much older. Eve tells Adam of the dream she’s had – echoing the visions he too has seen. They discover that humankind will be saved despite their disobedience. Eve picks up her twin babies, Cain and Abel and together as a family they go forth to create the future of humankind.


Requiem in D Minor – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart